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I am running for stronger and brighter today and tomorrow where we all live healthy, fair, free, and thrive!

Maya Dillard Smith, JD, MPP
Lawyer | Reformer | Judge | Mom of 3

Fundamental Fairness is on the Ballot in 2020!Meet Maya

She's The Leader You Didn't Know You Needed Fighting For You in Washington, D.C. ... Unitl NOW!

She calls it like it is.
And, she gets things done!

In these uncertain times, we need a candidate who knows first hand what it means to keep a roof over a family’s head, food on the table, and make ends meet. That candidate is Maya Dillard-Smith!
Maya is a teen mom, a civil rights lawyer and a Harvard trained organizer activist, economist, and policymaker with 20 years working on behalf of communities and in the public’s interest. Her expertise has been called upon by a member of Congress, the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Census Congressional Monitoring Board, the National Bureau of Economic Research, and the U.S. Courts of Appeal. She’s managed $1 billion of taxpayer, private and philanthropic funds and she was the Georgia State Director of the ACLU. She has reformed systems and successfully held police, judges, and government officials accountable – winning lawsuits and rewriting laws.  She’s been in the struggle and knows the struggle is real. Maya is exactly the leadership we need fighting for us in Washington, DC right now!

Law | Policy | Econ

UC Berkeley, Hastings Law & Harvard University

Lawyer & Judge

Georgia State Director of ACLU

Justice Oversight

Holding Judges & Police Accountable

Manage $1 Billion

Allocating federal funds to local projects

PoliciesHow we can build a better today and tomorrow, together!

  • Protect Jobs, Small Business & Farmers
  • Equalize Pay & Capital Access
  • Reform The Tax Code
  • Pass Universal Childcare & Pre-K
  • Redesign K-12, STEAM, VocEd
  • Restructure Student Debt
  • Universal, Single Payor with Choice
  • Cap Healthcare & Pharma Costs
  • Protect Rural Hospitals & Urban Clinics
  • Establish Federal Tenant & Local Landlord Protections
  • Invest in Public Utility Ownership
  • Expand Public Transit & Roadway Repairs
  • Build A Green Economy
  • Protect Air, Water, Food
  • Resign Paris Accord
  • Expand veteran protections
  • Lead on global peace
  • Link trade and immigration
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